Generation Amazing
Jun 13, 2019

We believe in the power of sport to build leadership skills and to bring workers together through social cohesion and physical activities to enhance their social wellbeing. Generation Amazing has understood this message and has created a program “Football 4 Development” (F4D) to help emphasize the benefits of interacting with one another through football. We have been working with the GA team to spread the positive message conveyed behind the F4D activation program. 

On Saturday morning March 16th 2019, we welcomed the GA team to Challenger City for the F4D activation program alongside volunteers, ambassadors who regularly contribute to their programming and ROTA (Reach Out To Asia) which is a non-profit organization that provides access to primary and secondary education to children affected by crisis across Asia. With a general introduction to Challenger City led by our CTC team we welcomed over 60 volunteers and ambassadors to our facility to take part in the morning’s F4D activation program.

Away from the classroom, office and infrastructure sites people have joined together to play football with unfamiliar faces and from different cultures, taking part in training and trust exercises with one another. With Mr. Abdul Azeez and his assistant couches all part of the GA team they were able to teach how co-operation on the football field is a powerful way to bring people together and make them see that everyone is essentially the same. The program is also aimed towards infrastructure workers to help boost their self-worth and self-awareness and giving them new skills and opportunities as we believe these are all important attributes and abilities that can contribute to their future. In addition to providing a vital sense of belonging, their training courses enable them to materially improve their circumstances.

With Qatar’s preparation towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup, GA in support of CTC runs these amazing programs to convey the message of unity and social inclusion. This message is behind everything the SC is doing in preparation for the World Cup, when the whole world will see just what unity can achieve.

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